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Topographic Evidence - Demonstrates Exactly Where the Temples Stood

In researching The ARK Report The Quest of All Time the topographical evidence came from a variety of sources.

The ARK ReportIn order to find the location of this secret entrance to the chamber of the Ark, it is imperative to first pinpoint the exact location of the Temples on the modern topography of the Temple Mount. There are compelling proofs that are substantiated by Rabbi Dov Levanoni, (Holocaust survivor, and prolific author of Hamikdash, a description and model of the Second Temple according to Maimonides and other opinions), and the British military engineer Captain Charles Warren, the explorer who discovered the gate which now bears his name. Their theory indicates that the Temples were located almost exactly between what is called the El Kas Fountain and the Dome of the Rock, with the Holy of Holies positioned slightly to the west. Accordingly, the Women's Courtyard nowadays lies approximately 68 meters in from the eastern wall of the Mount, about 2/3 of the way between the south-eastern corner up to the Golden Gates of the retaining wall.

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