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With crucial events unfolding in Israel, and around the world, at blinding speed, think global The ARK Report economic meltdown, the 'Land for Peace' fallacy and the terrifying reality of a nuclear Iran, the time is right to make the intertwining theories of the Temple Mount and the Ark come alive for everyone to see.

With his powerful and compelling new documentary The ARK Report - The Quest of All Time Executive Producer Harry Moskoff is aiming to elucidate the extraordinary and intricate history of the Temple Mount and to illuminate the mysteries and conflicts that surround this magnificent spot. Moreover, for Moskoff, who has spent the last 20 years doggedly researching the subject, the ultimate goal is to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, the existence and exact location of an object so powerful, so potent, that its' unearthing will change the course of world history forever.

The documentary, The ARK Report - The Quest of All Time, is his chance to share with the public his own, and other experts', research and findings on the subject. Ideally, the movie will raise world-wide awareness of the fact that without exaggeration, the events that take place around and beneath the Temple Mount will ultimately change and shape human history forevermore. And perhaps then, pressure can be exerted on the controlling forces to allow a thorough, impartial excavation of the area.

"What started as my personal passion became the basis for the documentary The ARK Report - The Quest of All Time. My vision is to encapsulate a huge amount of intricacies and proofs that exist on the subjects of the Temple Mount and the location of the Ark of the Covenant to make the information more accessible to the layman," Moskoff says.

The documentary will include on-site footage, re-enactments, detailed diagrams, state-of-the-art graphics, expert testimony, and revelation of biblical sources as supported by modern technology. "We believe," Moskoff adds,"the film will make an iron-clad case for the astonishing truths that surround the Temple Mount and the fact that we cannot only prove the exact location of the Ark, but we can also pin-point the exact spot where the dig could commence."

The ARK Report - The Quest of All Time is divided into four separate categories of evidence:

  • Topographic evidence - Demonstrates exactly where the Temples stood.
  • Archeological proofs - The Existence of the First and Second Temples
  • Historical proofs - The exact location of the Ark in relation to the structures currently on the Temple Mount.
  • Biblical references vis a vis history. Ownership and intrinsic importance of the Temple Mount and the Ark and its actual location.

All the information will be coalesced into an entertaining, informative, thought-provoking film. Moskoff believes that film is the best and most effective medium to convey this crucial information to the masses and to generate the impact and attention the subject matter deserves. He contends that in the end, the documentary will show how "according to many biblical and historical sources, the Temple Mount is THE single most significant spot on earth, and everyone around the world is entitled to know why."

The ARK Report - The Quest of All Time - Not Just a Movie

The documentary will generate excitement, awareness, and understanding about the issues surrounding the Temple Mount and the location of the Ark. Perhaps it will also generate movement by the international community to pressure the Waqf into allowing impartial archeologists and historians to access the mount and search for that which rightfully belongs to the Jewish nation. The film will allow Israel and the world to confront the negative media and propaganda head-on and expose the secret conspiracy that has managed to hide the truth for so many years.

The film is due to be released by winter 2010.

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