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2000 (BC) - Abraham journeys three days from Beersheba or Gerar The ARK Report to Mt. Moriah (the Temple Mount) in Jerusalem to offer his son Isaac in sacrifice as G-d commanded him.

1400 - After setting up the Ark at Shiloh near Shechem, Joshua launches the conquest into Jerusalem.

1000 - The Jebusite stronghold in Jerusalem is vanquished by King David. The city of David is built south of the Temple Mount. David reigns 33 years in Jerusalem after a 7 year reign in Hebron. The Ark of the Covenant is returned by David to Jerusalem and placed in the Tabernacle Moses built.

David is not permitted to build the First Temple, and instead, purchases Araunah the Jebusite's threshing floor and erects an altar of sacrifice on Mt. Moriah. This is the site of the First Temple.

950 - Solomon, with 183,600 workers builds the First Temple, which takes 7 years, and the royal palace. He uses local limestone, cedar from Lebanon, and great amounts of gold and silver.

910 - Solomon's Temple is plundered by Shishak, Pharaoh of Egypt.

606 - The Babylonian Period begins. Nebuchadnezzar conquers Judah. Jerusalem is taken and the first wave of Jews become slaves. Jerusalem loses her status as a self-governing entity.

598 - Jerusalem is plundered by Nebuchadnezzar for a second time.

597 - King Jehoachin is carried captive by Nebuchadnezzar and the second wave of Jews is taken into Babylon.

587 BC - King Zedekiah, the last king in the line of David to reign in Israel, rebels against Nebuchadnezzar. He is blinded and taken to Babylon where he dies.

586 - On the 9th day of the month of Av, Nebuchadnezzar burns down the city of Jerusalem, and destroys the First Temple. Hundreds of thousands are either murdered or taken away into captivity. The destruction of Jerusalem is the starting date for what the bible refers to as the "Time of the Gentiles".

573 - The Prophet Jeremiah predicts 70 years of captivity in Babylon. The Prophet Ezekiel, a by then a captive in Babylon, receives a vision from G-d giving great detail of a future Temple that is to be built.

553 - Belshazzar desecrates the Temple vessels in Babylon.

538 - Cyrus the Persian, the current ruler of Babylon, proclaims an edict that opens the way for the Jews to return to the land of Israel and rebuild the Second Temple. The Persians will rule Israel until 334.

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536 - The foundation of the Second Temple is laid, but actual building doesn't start for another 16 years.

517 - Through the leadership of Nehemiah, the Second Temple is finally completed and an altar is built on the Temple Mount.

515 - The Second Temple is dedicated in Jerusalem.

458 - Nehemiah rebuilds the walls of the city in 52 days.

334-170 - This is referred to as the Hellenistic Period. In the land of Israel, the Jews, come under the successive dominions of Alexander the Great and the Greeks, the Ptolemies of Egypt, and the Seleucids of Syria.

170 - King Antiochus murders thousands of Jews and plunders Jerusalem. He desecrates the Temple altar and plunders the Temple treasures. Jewish worship and sacrifice are halted.

166 - Judas Maccabaeus leads a Jewish revolt that puts Jerusalem back in Jewish hands. The Temple is cleansed and sacrifices are restored. This starts the Hashmonean dynasty in Judea.

126-40 - Once again Jerusalem is besieged by different rulers including Antiochus Soter, Aratus, the Roman general Pompey, and the King Herod of the Parthians.

38 - Herod orders the Temple enlarged and the courts re-built.

70 - Roman General Titus lays siege to Jerusalem. He murders all the inhabitants, and destroys the city and, ultimately, the Second Temple.

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132-135 - Under the leadership of Bar Kochba, the Jews revolt against Rome. The city of Jerusalem is sacked by the Emperor Hadrian. This marks the beginning the second exile of the Jews to the Diaspora. It will last until 1948.

395-636 - Palestine falls under Byzantine rule, then Persian, and then is captured by Heraclius.

637 - Jerusalem is captured by the Saracens under Omar Ibn al-Khatab. This marks the beginning of Arab rule in Palestine. Through all the conquests there has always been a Jewish presence in the land.

691 - The Dome of the Rock is completed on the Temple Mount where the Jewish Temple previously stood. Until this day it dominates the only spot on earth where sacrifices can be offered according to the Torah.

1099 - The Crusaders, under Godfrey de Bouillon, take Jerusalem. Christians rule in Palestine intermittently from 1099 to 1244.

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1187 - Jerusalem is captured by Salah-ed-Din the great Moslem conqueror.

1244 - Jerusalem is plundered by the Mongol Hordes.

1517 - Under Saladin, the Ottoman Turks conquer Palestine. The walls that presently surround the old city of Jerusalem are built.

1822 - Jerusalem is taken by Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt.

1897 - The first Zionist Congress meets in Basel, Switzerland. This marks the great era of Aliyah where thousands of Jews return to the land of Israel.

1917 - The British capture Palestine from the Turks in WWI - General Allenby enters Jerusalem.

1922-1948 - The British rule Palestine under a mandate from the League of Nations.

1938-1945 - Six million Jews are slaughtered in Europe. Jewish refugee boats are consistently turned away from countries all over the continent. Very few Jews are allowed to enter Palestine.

11/29/47 - Following the end of the atrocities of WWII, The United Nations The ARK Report General Assembly adopts partition plan for Palestine, providing for the establishment of a Jewish state.

5/24/48 - The new state of Israel is proclaimed. Open immigration now permits vast numbers of Jews to return to the Land. The second exile ends.

June, 1967, The Six-Day War - Jerusalem is liberated from Jordanian control and for the first time in nearly 2,000 years the Jews are in complete control of Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, Gaza Strip and Judea/Samaria (West Bank).

The ARK Report June 7th 1967 - The Old City of Jerusalem is liberated and is once again in Jewish hands. Israeli paratrooper Mordechai Gur, mounted on a half track, takes the Temple Mount on the third day of the Six Day War.

The pictures of paratroopers crying at the Wall and Gur's audio recording in the communication networks, "The Temple Mount is in our hands!" (Hebrew: Har HaBayit BeYadeinu!), became one of the most touching symbols of the war to the Israeli public

The Temple Mount is regained but authority is turned back over to the Muslims by Moshe Dayan.

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