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Historical Proofs - The exact location of the Ark in relation to the structures currently on the Temple Mount

The historical evidence behing The ARK Report The Quest of All Time follows records made over centuries.

The ARK Report There are many historical accounts alluding to the exact location of the different structures on the Mount. These accounts correlate with topographical findings regarding the height and depth of the mount, the different levels on and below the mount where the many constructions took place over the centuries, and the measurements and distances between the structures and the gates that surrounded them. For example, Josephus Flavius (37 - c. 100 AD, was a 1st century Jewish historian of priestly and royal ancestry who recorded the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD), wrote: "Herod took away the old foundations and laid others, and erected the Temple upon them, being in length a hundred cubits and in height twenty additional cubits, which upon sinking of their foundations, fell down; and this part it was that we resolved to raise again in the days of Nero". From this we gather that in order for the foundation of the temple to be capable of "sinking", it had to be located in a more southerly part of the temple mount where there is earth and vaulted spaces underneath the surface. References like these allow us to more accurately "map" the Temple Mount and its many transformations through the centuries.

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