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The ARK Report - The Quest of All Time is to be a film that will contain a profound message about the ark of the Holy Temple. This message needs to be heard and seen by all. The issues it addresses, the explanation it offers, and the historical background about the Temple Mount and the Ark of the Covenant affects all of our lives.

You can be a part of the initiative to bring this message to the forefront by helping us to make this film a reality.
Join us by making a contribution so the film can be produced.
* Donations can be made to Moskoff Media Israel

In addition, there are several ways that you can share this information.

  • Send the link to the trailer on the website to your friends
  • Write about the film on your blog, Facebook, or forums you participate in
  • When it is ready, host a screening in your community, synagogue or church, on campus or in your home

For more info on how to promote the film please call
+972-(0)3 528-7000

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