Storyline of The ARK Report

Imagine you knew the location of the most sacred and powerful relic that has remained hidden from mankind for the last 2,700 years.

How far would you go to find it if you knew it could bring real peace to the world or start the final and most terrifying war history we will ever witness?

Our protagonist must make this choice as he ventures down a subterranean passageway deep beneath the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, only meters away from the Holy chamber that houses The Ark of the Covenant.

The ARK Report - The Quest of All Time a new docu-drama feature in the making, chronicles the relentless search for the Ark of the Covenant and its potentially volatile impact on religion, politics and history in the already volatile Middle East. Set in the Old City of Jerusalem, the film explores the motivation to discover this ancient artifact and the potential fallout that would occur. Mixing dramatic recreations, a fictitious storyline and real interviews with today's most well known authorities in archeology, history, politics, war and religion, the film looks at the main theories as to the location of the Ark and the bizarre obstacles and prohibitions that have prevented any major excavations.

Inspired by one man's journey based on 20 years of research trying to uncover and prove the access point for the Holy Ark (ark of covenant)

As the nations of the world discuss the future of Jerusalem and try to delegitimize Israel's sovereignty over its' land, producer Harry Moskoff sheds light on the issues that have kept the Ark hidden from humanity for 2,700 years. If the Ark of the Covenant is found it would provide undeniable proof of the Jewish people's claim to Jerusalem and the land of Israel.

Mapping of the Ark - The Quest of All Time takes you deep inside the physical and spiritual space of the Temple Mount to determine for yourselves the location of the Holy Ark and to raise the question of what would such a discovery mean for the world-at-large.

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